About Mary and My Product

mary bioSince the time I was a young girl, combing my family’s beach in Falmouth, MA, I have been collecting one of Mother Nature’s simplest, yet most alluring treasures – sea glass. Over the years I have accumulated a unique and personal collection of not only sea glass gems, but also, pottery pieces, and shells. Wanting to both showcase and share these gifts from the sea, I began creating framed sea glass art. Inspired by my heart and the treasures themselves, I create each piece using handpicked, authentic, and unaltered selections from my personal collection. My hope is that my art work brings you joy, the beauty and serenity of the ocean, and a taste of the beach I so love.

Whether it is an anchor, a lighthouse, a sail boat or my favorite, a guardian angel, I hope that you too can feel this spirit, love, and joy. Try to imagine the path that has connected my seaglass to my love for the ocean and the effects of its relentless energy.

All seaglass used in my artwork is found on the beach and placed into
the frame unaltered just as it was discovered on the beach. The shell set in the corner of the frame is my signature.

Old silver beach.1

Old Silver Beach, Cape Cod