Mary’s artwork is heartwarming and the angels in particular are so meaningful for those who are dealing with loss and heartache. It was the perfect gift for my family as it will remind them of the strong wonderful memories of many years at the beach. When I saw the flawless angel in the all white frame it was pure simple beauty. She does wonderful work and puts so much love into her pieces. - Cheryl

Thanks for you great artistic expression, very nice neat and clean. – Clark

It’s hard to define the appeal of Mary’s sea glass creations. At first your eye is drawn to the overall design which is often simple, yet sophisticated. Then, upon closer inspection, you begin to focus on the unique characteristics of each piece of sea glass used in the design. The combination of Mary’s artful eye and Mother Nature’s handiwork is enchanting. It is nearly impossible to make a choice because each piece captivates you with its own special personality. They make the perfect gift but I find myself wanting to keep them all for myself. -Tiffany

I love my sea glass art pieces! Mary has taken the ocean’s gift of sea glass and created delicate yet powerful works of art. They are powerful for me because my shamrock piece reminds me of my family. The three sailboats remind me of the many joy-filled memories I have of family and friends at the beach. My angel reminds me of all that I have to be grateful for. Mary has made each piece with love and kindness and that comes through for me in each one. Enjoy your memories in each piece of Mary’s Sea glass Art. – Nancy


Mary produces wonderful art that warms the heart. Very unique handcrafted gifts that you can’t find anywhere else… perfect to comfort a family member or friend going through a hard time, or just as a gift for the holidays. Mary is really talented! – Roula



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